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At Blurr Branding, we believe that the heart of a successful brand lies at the intersection of creativity and strategy. Our Brand Identity & Graphic Design services are tailored to bring this philosophy to life. We delve deep into the essence of your business, uncovering the core values and visions that make you unique. Our team of skilled designers and strategists work collaboratively to transform these insights into a compelling visual language.

Value Driven Creatives and Strategists

Why Us?

Brand Strategists 99%
Graphic Designers 99%
Marketing Visonaries 99%

Bespoke Design

Every project is a unique endeavor for us, leading to tailor-made designs that accentuate your brand’s individuality.

Unlimited Changes

Your vision guides our design. We’re committed to refining our work until it’s a perfect match for your aspirations.

Fast Turnaround

Time-sensitive yet uncompromising on quality, we deliver top-tier results with efficiency.

24/7 Support

Anytime, any query — our dedicated team is always ready to assist and ensure seamless communication.

100% Satisfaction

Our benchmark is not just to meet but to exceed your expectations with every design we deliver.

Professional Team

Backed by seasoned designers and strategists, our team guarantees designs that blend aesthetics with purpose.

Transforming Ideas into Iconic Identities

Graphic Design Solutions

Grow your brand’s aesthetics with our quality graphic design services and design solutions; setting us apart in Canada’s marketing landscape and from designers all around the world.

Graphic Design

Custom Graphics

Our Custom Graphics service turns your vision into striking visual elements that capture attention. Expertly combining graphic design principles with your brand messaging, we create custom graphics that resonate with your core audience.

Graphic Design

Marketing Materials

Elevate your promotional strategy with our Marketing Materials design service. From business stationery that carries your corporate identity to promotional print materials that drive campaigns, we craft compelling designs that communicate your value proposition.

Graphic Design

Motion Animation

Engage your audience with our Motion Animation service, where fluid storytelling meets digital artistry. We specialize in creating animated explainer videos, interactive web animations, and motion graphics that illustrate your brand's story and improve interaction.

Transformative Solutions for Impactful Brand Identities

Custom Logo Design Packages

Opt for our graphic design team and secure the expertise of Canada’s premier graphic design company. We promise to deliver top-tier graphic design services, enhancing your brand’s recognition, captivating your audience, and ensuring you stand out in a competitive market.


For startups and individuals

What you get:

Timeframe: 2 to 3 weeks


For growing businesses

What you get:

Timeframe: 4 to  5 weeks


For large companies

What you get:

Timeframe: 6 to 7  weeks

All branding services include:

“Design is the silent ambassador

of your brand.”

- Paul Cookson

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